Sunday 25th July –  St James the Great

Additional Collect

Lord God,
your Son left the riches of heaven
and became poor for our sake:
when we prosper save us from pride,
when we are needy save us from despair,
that we may trust in you alone;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Holy Habits: Biblical Teaching and Serving

Take some time to read one of the gospels and consider how Jesus served others. How can we follow his example and serve others in our own lives?

Sunday Services

We are delighted to be able to offer public worship in all of our churches.

For regular Sunday services, there will be no need to book in advance, although places are still limited.

* Booking is essential for Summer Music festival services at St Endellion – please book via the Summer Festival website or contact Jill O’Grady

As government Covid precautions move from being law to guidance, we encourage everyone to continue to show their care for one another, and especially the most vulnerable, through social distancing and the wearing of face coverings when in close contact with others. 

We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and administer communion in one kind only, but we are delighted that we will be able to sing. Please follow all of the safety advice you are given when you attend, and do not come if you are ill. For more information, please see the Coronavirus Update page.

Online worship from March 2020 – June 2021 is available on YouTube, and this website

Upcoming Services

25th July – Trinity 8
9.30am Morning Worship, St Kew
9.30am Holy Communion, St Peter’s
11am Eucharist, St Endellion
11am Songs of Praise at St Michael, St Minver
3pm Holy Communion, St Enodoc
11am Songs of Praise, St Michael

27th July – St Endellion Summer Festival
4.30pm Evensong, St Endellion *Booking essential

1st August – Trinity 9
9.30am Holy Communion, St Kew
9.30am Morning Worship, St Peter’s
11am Eucharist, St Endellion *Booking essential
11am Holy Communion, St Minver
3pm Evensong, St Enodoc
6pm Evensong, St Michael

Tuesdays 8.30am Holy Communion BCP, St Endellion

Please pray for

The sick and all affected by the coronavirus.

Pray for the NHS, care workers and all front line workers and volunteers. We pray for race and gender equality and for all victims of race or gender crime and brutality. Pray for everyone on their own or unable to be with their family.

Remember all those who have died recently. We remember those whose anniversary of death occurs at this time including Kate Bailey and Patrick Harper.

Taking it in turns to pray for each other – this week we pray for St Endellion.

Home Groups and Daily Prayer

Our Home Groups are meeting weekly via zoom and we are praying regularly, especially at 9am. If you would like to join a home group or daily prayer, please contact Revd Elizabeth (07758 407661 –

Julian meeting on Thursday 24th June

Thursday 29th at 7pm at St Michael’s Church, Porthilly . We light a candle and read a passage from the Bible followed by silence. Then we read the second passage followed by silence and ending with Compline or our own prayers.
 The readings are: Proverbs 3. 1-6 and a passage from Mother Julian
 ‘Then the way we often  pray came into my mind and how, through lack of knowing and understanding of the ways of love, we pester him with petitions.Then I truly saw that it gives more praise to god and more delight if we pray steadfast in love, trusting his goodness, clinging to him by grace, than if we ask for everything our thoughts can name.s of need.The best prayer is to rest in the goodness of God knowing that that goodness can reach right down to our lowest depths of need.’ 

Praise at Porthilly outdoor service

At St Michaels on Sunday 25th July at 11.00am. There is no 11.00 Service at St Minver and no evensong at 6pm at St Michaels on that day.If it is raining very heavily the service cannot go ahead, however if there are only intermittent showers or drizzle forecast, please attend, but maybe bring an umbrella. We look forward to seeing you rain or shine!

Goods for St Petrocs

As it is not possible to have collection boxes in the churches at the moment this is a reminder that St. Minver Post Office is an alternative collecting point.
The best way to help the Bodmin branch of St Petrocs to buy fresh food is electronically.  Details for doing this have changed as Bodmin has a new House Manager, Gary Hales.
Put into Google and send your donation to

St Endellion & Port Isaac’s Garden Fete:

Donations are wanted for all the stalls. The Tombola is needing bottles, tins, biscuits, chocolates (please check date),small toys and sweets for children. Please leave in the boxes at the back of both churches but St Endellion, due to the Music Festival, only until Monday 26th July.  Thereafter please give to a churchwarden, deliver to Laburnums, Trelights PL29 3TJ or call 01208 880207.
Fresh items like cakes and produce can be brought along on the day.

If you want to know more about the latest Church of England Guidance, please see:

Please find resources, previous services and more at our website:

North Cornwall Cluster of Churches
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St Minver with St Enodoc (Trebetherick) and St Michael (Porthilly)
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