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Our New Children and Families Worker!

I am Marcus JonesIntroducing our new Children and Families Worker, Marcus Jones, who we are delighted to welcome to the Cluster as a full time member of the team:

I am Marcus Jones, 45 and have two teenage children who live with their mother in Falmouth.

My accent isn’t easy to place, I was born in Scotland, I’ve lived in Wales and grew up in Northern Ireland. My English years started at the age of 17 in Taunton, my early adult years in the Black Country and I’ve been in Cornwall for nine years now.

I have been involved in children’s work within the church from the very beginning of being a practicing Christian back in my Taunton days helping with Junior Church and the youth evening service. I’ve been a Boys’ Brigade captain, helped with weekends away events, was a children’s worker to a joint Anglican/Methodist venture in the West Midlands and for Churches Together in the Falmouth and Penryn. More recently I have been working for the short breaks services for children with autism.

Ten of my favourite things in no particular order; Bach, bagpipes, Van Gogh, Simpsons, sailing, Pixar films, dogs, curry, and Harry Potter. If I could have one Harry Potter spell it would be “Accio” the summoning charm- not because I’m too lazy to stretch over to the tv remote but because I seem to spend a lot of time looking for something, usually keys. Utopia for me would be a keyless society.

My favourite Joke is:       Knock knock – who’s there?
Little old lady- Little old lady who?
I didn’t know you could yodel.

I do actually listen to yodelling music though I can’t do it myself and as you get to know me you’ll discover my jokes won’t improve!

Working with children and families is a great privilege and a most wonderful thing to be involved in. In it we are answering Jesus’ invitation to feed his sheep and his lambs and yet it is in the people we are serving where we meet God reflected back on us and often in quite unexpected ways. I am very much looking forward to serving alongside you within the North Cornwall Cluster. There are many different ways of being involved with children and family work; willing hands to set up and dismantle, kind hearts to provide refreshments, and friendly ears to listen to children and their families are the most important roles to any activity as they are the glue that holds everything together.

Please help St. Petroc’s

St. Petroc’s Society is a Cornwall-based charity caring for the single homeless. Often they are sleeping rough and may have a range of difficulties including addiction, mental ill health, relationship problems or a differing lifestyle, which contribute to their homelessness and social exclusion. St Petroc’s exists to provide a diverse range of services for these particular clients.

We collect dried and tinned food for the Bodmin centre, which supports two houses in the town.  Please can you consider putting something extra into your weekly shopping basket for those less able to provide for themselves.  The collection bags are at the back of the church.

We can also take single bedding and clothing – especially men’s clothing.

PARA Hospital Car Service

treliske hospital


Have you had transport difficulties getting to a hospital or surgery appointment?

PARA has been running a successful Hospital Car Service since 1984. This has only been possible because of the volunteer drivers.

Until last year the service was organised by Reg Ironside with three drivers, when Reg retired we had only one driver left, Harry Hardcastle who has be driving for the service since 1995. Reg has done a marvellous job of organising the Car Service over the years, his services to PARA will be missed as he has now retired from PARA as well. We need to find more people like Reg in the community.

Recently we asked the community for volunteer drivers and fortunately six people responded. The Service will now be coordinated by two committee members, Pauline White and David Short.

We now have drivers from the St Kew parish as well as St Miner parishes so now we cover a larger area, if you need a “lift” then there will be a driver near you.

Details of the Hospital Car Service can be found elsewhere in the Link, on notice boards and in shops around the parish.

Standard charges are based on 45p per mile and includes reasonable waiting time: A rough guide for miles to; Truro 36; Bodmin 13; Exeter 75; Plymouth 40; Penzance 48; Hayle 40; Newquay 22; Wadebridge 7; St Austell 24; Port Isaac 6.5; Falmouth 38;

If you need transport please ring one of our voluntary drivers. Charges are based on 45p per mile and does not include Parking and Toll charges. If you are receiving income support you should take evidence of this for reimbursement.

St Minver Area    

Mr Peter Watson           01208 862452

Mrs Jacqui Watson        01208 862452

St Kew Area        

Mr David Pullen             01208 881148

Mrs Bridget Pullen         01208 881148

Mr Ricardo Dorich          01840 770225

Mrs Elizabeth Dorich      01840 770225


Local Pastoral Visitors

LPV cartoon


Do you know of someone who would appreciate a friendly visit,  someone new to the district who might be feeling lonely and need welcoming, or someone who has recently been bereaved?

If so, telephone Liz Williams, 01208 863778


Bridget Pullen, 01208 881148 , co-ordinator for the St Minver Pastoral Visitors’ Team”.