Semra, the future teacher

Semra Keriq is a 14-year-old girl dreaming to be a teacher when she grows up. She is working towards her goal by being a part of the Little Teachers, an activity initiated and run by The Ideas Partnership with the help of our volunteers. Little Teachers aims to prepare a cadre of 20 teenagers from the Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian and Bosnian communities in Fushe Kosova to become teachers in the future. “We are currently reading and discussing Machiavelli in our gatherings with the other Little Teachers”, says Semra, praising this activity as an opportunity for her to find new friends who have the same interests. Since becoming a Little Teacher less than two years ago, Semra has volunteered by teaching first graders who attend our Saturday Activities. In addition, she participates in the Girls’ Club, one of our main educational activities aimed at tackling early marriages and highlighting the importance of education.

Semra will soon be a high school student. As well as her studies and her participation in TIP’s activities, she also attends an English language course financed by TIP. In her spare time, she loves reading books, playing volleyball and hanging out with her friends. Semra has also participated in training arranged by TIP which focused on soft skills and advocacy.

“I really appreciate being a part of TIP because I have seen the work TIP does to help the communities in reducing illiteracy and raising awareness in the importance of education. For myself, being a part of the Bosnian community in Fushe Kosova, throughout all my life I have felt the discrimination and contempt for us and other communities living here. This is the reason I volunteer with TIP; it gives me an opportunity to work towards change”, says Semra. “My favourite book is ‘I am Malala’ based on the life of Malala Yousafzai. She never stopped working towards her dreams despite facing many obstacles. It encourages me to do the same: to always work hard for the marginalized groups and never stop even when facing difficulties.”

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