Taizé – the history and music

Taizé – the history and music, led by Prebendary David Foster
Saturday 19 November, 10am – 3pm
Taizé means so much more than a chant sometimes used in a Sunday service. On this day we unpack some of the history and background to Taizé and, with the help of the Endelienta Scholars and local musicians, explore the breadth and joy found in Taizé worship and music.

Followed by a Taizé service at 1.15pm (instead of the normal 6pm service on Sunday 20th November)

Study Day Programme A Midsummer Night’s Dream

St Endellion

10am                Coffee & Welcome in Church Hall

10.30am          Talk (1) The confusions of comedy and the healing of disoredered sight

11.15am           Excerpts from the play on video

12pm                Discussion: drama and spirituality

12.30pm           Lunch (Bring picnic)

1.15pm              Talk (2) The dream,art and life

1.45pm             Further excerpts from the play on video

2.30pm             Discussion

3pm                   Concluding prayers

6pm                   St Minver Church: ‘Seeing with the Eyes of Love’ A liturgy for Voices based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s                               Dream.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Professor Paul Fiddes will lead a day reflecting on the relationship between drama and spirituality in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on Saturday 5th November from 10am – 3pm in St Endellion Church.   Drawing on two important quotations from the New Testament in the play, Shakespeare encourages us to find the power of love which enables us to see things more clearly both in personal relationships and in civic society.  The day will conclude at 6pm in St Minver Church with an exciting presentation of a new church ‘liturgy for voices’, combining new poetry, music and excerpts from traditional Christian liturgy, giving opportunities for involvement by the congregation.