Poetry Day

Reflective Days

The Theology of Container Ships

Saturday 26 May, 10am-3pm

led by Peter Bonsey

Peter presents the container ship as an icon of our prevailing neo-liberal globalised economic system which is damaging to human beings and to creation. St. Francis lived and showed a Gospel understanding of our world. Whether St. Francis or the container ship becomes the prevailing icon will depend on the actions taken by millions of perfectly ordinary people of faith.

Peter Bonsey is a member of the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis. He is also a retired teacher, lawyer and boatbuilder. His interest in container ships arose from a chance meeting with one in mid Atlantic and a radio conversation with the officer of the watch on board it.

Tickets £10. Bring a picnic lunch.


Rain falling by the River, A day with Christopher Southgate

Saturday 23 June, 10am-3pm

Poetry can open up spaces of reflection, imagination and prayer that are not reached in any other way. Christopher Southgate is Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Theology at Exeter University and the author of eight collections of poetry. He will take us on a journey through poems of place, from Patmos to Lindisfarne, poems that strike new sparks from the Scriptures, poems of suffering and grief, poems of the spiritual life, honestly faced. The emphasis will be on encouraging our own explorations, offering us new angles on the imaginative life.

Tickets £10. Bring a picnic lunch.