Bach & Peacebuilding

WEB Donald Reeves

Reflective Day

Saturday 14 April, 10am-3pm, St Endellion Church

The Revd Donald Reeves MBE, an Anglican priest, musician and a former Rector of St James Piccadilly, tells stories of what is involved in peacebuilding, interspersed with playing Bach’s chorale preludes. The music is emotionally direct, speaking from heart to heart.

Donald Reeves is the founder of The Soul of Europe. Its aim is to realise Nelson Mandela’s words: “If you want to make peace do not speak to your friends, speak to your enemies so they become your partners”.

He has worked in Bosnia and Kosovo for 17 years preparing the ground for reconciliation, promoting the rebuilding of the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka, a world heritage site, one of 16 destroyed there in the Bosnian war, just one of many projects.

Peacebuilding  is demanding. It requires tenacity and patience, dignity in the face of much international cynicism and a willingness to take risks.

Bach’s music is immeasurably life enhancing. It is a gift of hope for the human spirit.

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