Pilgrimage with Mark’s Gospel

Mondays, 7-8.30pm, 9th January – 27th February, 2017
Most people think of a pilgrimage as a visit to a particular place but in truth we are on a Christian journey our whole lives. You are invited to join an eight week pilgrimage that is a journey together, in the Gospel of Mark in January and February. We plan to meet once a week on Mondays at Jill and Henry Gompertz’ house. Henry will prepare some material but this will be a journey together. Hopefully (in every sense) we will arrive at a different place from where we started and with a deeper knowledge of the shortest, most direct, and probably oldest gospel. If you plan to come along it would be a great help to let Jill or Henry know in advance but you can come anyway. Contact: 01208 869421.

Newsletter submissions

Please find below the deadlines for the cluster newsletter for the next 8 months in 2017:

February: …18th January
March: …….15th Feb
April: ………15th March
May: ……….19th April
June:……… 17th May
July: ……….14th June
August: ……19th July
September: 16th August

If anyone can help distribute newsletters or can find some extra outlets in our community who can take the newsletters, please let me know. We currently have St Minver, Rock, Polzeath and Port Isaac covered. If anyone can help with Chapel Amble, St Kew and Pendoggett, please email.

Please email all submissions to Gavin Tyler

February Concert


7.30pm Saturday 21 January – Lavolta Ensemble

St Endellion Church

£10.00 Children under 16 accompanied by an adult free

Lavolta Ensemble

A concert of outlandish and extraordinary pieces of 20th century music by this stunning chamber ensemble, with vocalists Sarah Owen and Kate Westbrook .

Featuring vocalists Sarah Owen and Kate Westbrook together with an 11-piece band, Lavolta presents a concert of outlandish and extraordinary pieces of 20th century music. Italian composer Luciano Berio’s Folk Songs pays tribute to the artistry of legendary American singer, Cathy Berberian. The songs, from the United States, Armenia, France, Sicily, Sardinia, etc., were chosen from old records, printed anthologies, or collected from folk musicians and friends. William Walton’s irresistible Façade 2, also dedicated to Berberian, sets Edith Sitwell’s jaunty poetry within colourful music. Judith Weir is Master of the Queen’s Music, and her Really? is a set of three entertaining stories by J.P. Hebel and The Brothers Grimm for small ensemble and voice. The concert includes more irrepressible music by another Italian composer, Franco Donatoni, the evocative cabaret of Kurt Weill and, from closer to home, Vaughan Williams’ settings of poetry by Houseman, Along the Field.
‘Brilliant, tight, disciplined playing and dazzling vocals…’

Reflective Days

10am – 3pm Saturday 25th February

Cost £10.  Please bring a picnic lunch.  

St Endellion Church

A day to stimulate reflection on our reading and understanding of the Scriptures.

 The Bible as Translation, led by Andrew Lewis

2017 is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s publishing his 95 Theses, which opened the way for translation of the Bible into European languages. Can translations ever faithfully reflect the original work?

The purpose of the day is to stimulate reflection on this and other questions related to our reading and understanding of the Scriptures.


The Port Isaac Angel

Something wonderful has happened in Port Isaac again this Christmas. The community with the help of a group of artists have created a huge angel as well as lots of their own angel lanterns to carry in the parade which took place on 2nd December. With the help of a musician, the school has even created an Angel Song for the community to sing. The Port Isaac angel has travelled to the Bodmin and Lostwithiel parades as well, but has now settled in St Peter’s Church, as a sign of blessing to the whole community this Christmas.